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We are one of the most potential factories in catering industry in China,foreign investment factory origined in 2004.Now we're mainly produce aluminum foil products such as aluminium foil container,aluminum paper and other related products. The products has been successfully exported to Europe,Mid-East,Africa,America,Australia...etc.Now we are glad to introduce you more about our products:

aluminum foil container


Why Aluminum Foil Container?


Aluminium foil containers bring many advantages to the food packaging market.Incombination,these advantages positon aluminum foil containers uniquely amongmaterial choices for the food processing industry,the food service industry andconsumer alike.Because of their unique combination of advantages,the aluminum foil containerqualifies as the "perfect package"for numerous food packaging applications.Among these advantages are:




* Consumer Friendly: Because foil can withstand wide temperature changes better than other packaging materials,it can go from freezer to oven to the dinner table without changing containers.they're designed so that they nest very well,taking up little space.The container are leak-resistant and keep foods fresher whether in the refrigerator or in the freezer.


*  Recyclable: One of aluminium's environmental advantages is its recyclabilty. Aluminum has an inherent value.As the leading recycled material in world,aluminum helps pay for many municipal recycling programs,saves billions of dollars annually in energy costs,helps create thousands of jobs and tax dollars in the collecting and processing industries and lowers the cost of aluminum.


* Use of Aluminum Foil Container: Aluminum foil containers serve a number of markets.A wide range of container designs are available in the retail market,such as baking pans,roasting pans,muffin pans,pizza pans,cookie sheets,carryout containers,etc.,Generally,these containers also come in a variety of sizes,depending on the specific consumer needs.

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